Falling Awake: The Ecology of Wonder

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In the summer of 2018 (July 27th-August 1st), David Abram will lead an extended, in-depth workshop/retreat on The Ecology of Wonder on wild Cortes Island in British Columbia (at one of the most ecological diverse and soulful retreat spaces in the world).  Click Here For More Information & Registration

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Becoming Animal film: a brief glimpse

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A new film about the work of David Abram (Creative Director of the Alliance) is currently in production, directed by two visionary artists, the multiple award-winning Canadian filmmaker Peter Mettler and Scottish filmmaker Emma Davie. Here is the briefest glimpse — just a tiny teaser — from the film. The password is “animal”:

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Replenishing Oral Culture: ReStorying the Local Earth

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  The Alliance for Wild Ethics is engaged in the ongoing and many-faceted work of rejuvenating oral culture – the culture of face-to-face and face-to-place storytelling.* We excavate stories that live in the land, stories rooted in particular places, tales that contain not just human characters but other animals who figure as protagonists, mentors, and tricksters, ...

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Kalahari Tracking Expedition with the San Bushmen

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From late March to early April of 2017, cultural ecologist and geophilosopher David Abram will co-lead an expedition to the Kalahari desert of Botswana, to visit and learn from a remarkable hunting and gathering community of San Bushmen, practicing the arts of tracking and bird language with an exuberant people whose culture is widely recognized ...

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