We are human only in contact, and conviviality, with what is not human.

The Alliance for Wild Ethics (AWE) is a consortium of individuals and organizations working to ease the spreading devastation of the animate earth through a rapid transformation of culture. We employ the arts, often in tandem with the natural sciences, to provoke deeply felt shifts in the human experience of nature. Motivated by a love for the more-than-human collective of life, and for human life as an integral part of that wider collective, we work to revitalize local, face-to-face community – and to integrate our communities perceptually, practically, and imaginatively into the earthly bioregions that surround and support them.

The Alliance draws clues for such integration from a range of innovative, eco-cultural initiatives currently underway around the world. We also draw guidance from the place-based traditions of diverse indigenous, oral peoples – mindful that the largest part of our human inheritance derives from our indigenous ancestry.

We provide consultation and training for communities, organizations, and businesses committed to a sustainable and sustaining world. Our work is aligned with a new respect for the mysterious eloquence of earthly reality – a deeply immanent sense of the sacred quietly dawning across the planet.  While Alliance members bring different skills and strategies to bear in our various projects, an underlying method in all our efforts is the awakening of wonder.

 Why Wild?